On a sunny summer day, Lake Ontario was glistening. With each wave, the surface of the water would produce little sparkles seeming to dance in a calm and rhythmic pattern. The waves themselves moved up and down in such a coordinated way as to make it look as if the lake was a living body taking breath after breath. As every wave reached the shore after its long journey, the loud and yet peaceful noise of water crashing into rocks filled the air. Meanwhile, just above the surface, a cool breeze rode those same waves across the waters and onto the shore.

For several hours my wife and I simply observed the calming sanctuary that is God’s creation. Seagulls soared above the water, their wings spread wide as they surfed the winds, gliding effortlessly and calling out as if children at play. A beautiful maple tree emerged from a rock, proving once again that no obstacle can stand in the way of God’s desire to produce life. Large boulders and small stones stretched out before us as a canvass, having been carved, molded and shaped by the artist that is the waves of the lake. Finally, puffy snow white clouds floated across the sky in the distance providing a backdrop for an otherwise endless piece of art. God had sculpted this place on this day, and we could not bring ourselves to take our eyes off of the ever shifting scene. This was God at work before our very eyes. This was pure sabbath rest. Peace. Shalom. Salam.

-Rev Jeffrey G Mikyska (pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Elgin, IL)

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