It is late on a summer night. The air is heavy and warm, while the moon shines down from above. Stars twinkle in the sky, creating a drawing on an otherwise blank canvas. Trees stand as immense shadows seeming to hover over me, occasionally swaying gently in the light breeze. All around I can hear crickets and frogs, their noise sounding like some great orchestra or choir gradually reaching a crescendo. Alongside me, a large spider is busy spinning her spectacular and artistic web. Suddenly, a bat flies past me, disappearing as quickly as he had appeared. Life busily proceeds, even in the darkness.

God’s creation never stops. Out here, growth occurs – even as the world goes dark. Out here, spiders create a masterpiece and frogs sing – even as the world goes dark. Out here, shadows that lurk are simply signs of life – even as the world goes dark. I find it amusing that as a little child I feared the darkness with such ferocity, and as an adult I see its beauty with an equal passion. Perhaps it is my appreciation for God’s glory which is reflected everywhere we take the time to look. Or maybe it is my faithful hope that God’s light shines brightest in our darkest hours. In any case, on this evening, I just take a deep breath. There is movement in this darkness. God is here. Amen.

-Rev Jeffrey G Mikyska (pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Elgin, IL)

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