The large spider works through the night, weaving her web back and forth in a tedious pattern while swinging from post to post. By morning, she will have created a beautiful work of art for some, and a deadly trap for others. As I sit and enjoy the sunrise, she rests calmly a few feet away in her new home.

I marvel at this web, at the intricacy of its design. It is unique to her, and will never be exactly duplicated again. Should a gust of wind or a larger creature damage this web, she will simply go back to work tonight and resurrect her web anew. For this little lady is a creation of God, and as such she too has the ability to create. She has a gift, a talent, which in its own way adds beauty to this tiny corner of God’s universe. The spider will use her talent daily, persevering against all obstacles and setbacks while battling against the elements of nature. She will go about her business, hardly acknowledging my presence. Still, the spider’s efforts will not go unnoticed. I find myself truly amazed at the fruit of her labors. How could she have bridged such a large gap between posts? How did she create something so intrinsic and symmetrical? How did she do all this in one night with no architectural plans like I would need? Of course, the answers do not lie within the spider, but rather with the hands that created and molded her. The same hands that created and molded me. What glorious webs of beauty might I weave this day…

-Rev Jeffrey G Mikyska (pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Elgin, IL)

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