On a crisp autumn morning, a grove of trees stand in community. Each tree adds to the community in its own way, and with its own beauty. Leaves of green, purple, red, orange, and gold mingle under the bright glow of the sun. They are a rainbow once again reminding the world of God’s glory and grace. As night falls, a stiff wind stirs in the air as the Breath of God blows upon these stately creatures. So quickly, their leaves come down and litter the ground beneath them. They are left standing bare and dormant, looking so meager. Where has their beauty and vitality gone?

Such is God’s wisdom in our world. That which was, cannot stay so perpetually. Change is inevitable. Death leads to resurrection and new life. The leaves that had been will fertilize the soil and roots, and spur new growth in a season to come. Branches will spring back to renewed life, with new limbs and new leaves. Yet, everything that is new has been born of that which was old. This is life in God’s creation. Resurrection and renewal are the greatest of all gifts, but their receipt requires us to let go first. My life today has been fed by my life as a child, but I cannot ever return to those days. They inform me and live within my memory, but they shall never be repeated. Nor, by the way, would I want them to be. In various seasons of life, we must let go to make room for that which God intends next. We must allow God’s breath of change to push us. We must allow what was to pass so that which will be may come. For to everything there is a season…and only a season. Amen.

-Rev Jeffrey G Mikyska (pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Elgin, IL)

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