It all begins with a heavy snowfall, dropped gently and peacefully from God’s storehouses in the heavens. A picture is being painted as the creation around us transforms into something similar, and yet somehow slightly different from any other that has come before. Bare tree limbs glisten under a coating of white crystals. Green evergreen needles poke through clumps of snow as their branches droop under the weight. Suddenly the world is black and white with slight tinges of green sprinkled in. A pristine snow now blankets the earth as if placed there with the utmost of care. The universe calms as stars and bright full moon take their place watching over the scene. The night is beautiful, but God isn’t done yet.

For an hour or two, the reflection of light from the moon shines down through the trees on to the blank canvas that is the snow. A drawing begins to emerge, as if sketched perfectly with a pencil. It is the shadow of the tree, in its entirety, laid out upon the snow! It stretches in all directions, limbs appearing as capillaries reaching for something…anything. I simply stare in wonder at such an amazing piece of art. But even now, the show isn’t over. Slowly, darkness creeps across the moon as its light source is eclipsed. Reflections fade and the scene turns eerily dark and quiet. Now the stars shine as bright as ever, and the oversized moon turns black, and then red! Ah…the Blood Moon.

I am thankful, Lord, that you never stop creating and re-creating. And I am equally thankful that on this particular day and night, I took time to simply step back and observe YOU at work. Far too often I am so busy monitoring my own presence in this world that I fail to notice yours. These moments were both glorious and fleeting. I admit to my frequent failures to observe you, but I also have learned that some of the moments which I treasure in my heart the most are those when I stand still as the witness to your artistry. My weary world will have to learn to wait… Amen.

-Rev Jeffrey G Mikyska (pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Elgin, IL)

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