A Soul Is Calmed

On this bitter cold evening, just a sliver of the crescent moon is visible low in the midnight sky. What little light it reflects into the darkness glistens upon snow packs coated in a sheet of ice. Millions of individual snowflakes have been sewn together into one gloriously pure blanket! A strong wind rushes here and there, swirling through the scene. Tree limbs waver all about, as if dancing to the silence. Just a few feet away, a skunk comes sauntering out from under a community of evergreens seeking seed left by the birds of the day. She is such a uniquely beautiful creature. For a moment, she takes stock in my presence, studying me as I study her. I am far enough away that she quickly deems me to be no threat, and turns her attention to the feast at hand. This poor creature is cold and hungry. Only the two of us stand as witnesses of this moment in God’s creative presence.

I find myself both calmed and amused as I watch her and allow the breeze to run through me. God is here. God exists in the wind which has been released into our world from Divine lungs. God exists in the trees and this little creature who have been molded into being by Divine hands. God exists in the Divine light shining into the world from above. God exists in the Divine purity of snow and ice released from heavenly storehouse. It is exactly because I see God’s fingerprints in all of this that my soul is calmed. And so, with one last deep breath, I inhale all that is here into my being. This moment in God’s presence shall never be repeated exactly in this way, but neither will its refreshment be forgotten in my memory. Eat well little one. Good night trees…good night moon. Good night, Lord. Amen.

-Rev Jeffrey G Mikyska (pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Elgin, IL)

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